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Selina Thompson

Speaker Bio

Selina is the entrepreneur with a passion for people, technology and change.

Selina inspires people across global countries and cultures to change how they do things for the better by adopting a digital mindset.

For over a decade, Selina has introduced over 50 million people to digital technologies by introducing them to the power of technology and the possibilities it can create. From cloud collaboration, digital payment platforms, and automated customer service solutions to AI technologies, Selina has developed and implemented change initiatives for many of the world's leading organizations, including Shell, ASML, BUPA, Virgin Media and VISA.

Selina recently founded Forward Transformation to connect people with technology to empower them to thrive in the modern digital age. Her mission is to set up businesses and individuals with a tailored plan that increases awareness, sparks enthusiasm towards change adoption and drives success along the transformation journey. With her witty sense of humour and inspiring attitude, Selina is determined to leave her mark on the tech industry as a progressive leader who stands for human-centricity in this dynamic, evolving space.

Example Talk Topics

  • Digital adoption in hybrid environments

  • Utilizing digital workplace tools to facilitate change

  • Dealing with digital transformation fatigue

  • Business Change - Who's role is it anyway?

  • Black Women in Tech - my journey and lessons for success.

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